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مختبر التغذية والصحة
علم الأمراض والتكنولوجيا الحيوية الزراعية

Laboratoire de Nutrition
Pathologie, Agro-Biotechnologie, et Santé

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About Lab-NuPABS Publisher

Lab-NuPABS Publisher provides academic journals published in Algeria with online hosting services and an editorial workflow management system using the Open Journal System (OJS) platform. OJS is an open source and free software for the management of peer-reviewed academic journals, created by the Public Knowledge Project, and released under the GNU General Public License

Lab-NuPABS Publisher supports national academic journals to gain presence in accordance with international standards and increase their visibility. Lab-NuPABS Publisher does not interfere with the management of peer review system and content of the journals. It only provides infrastructure and "technical support" for the use of OJS. Authors should contact the editor of the journal for any topic regarding their publication.


  • Improving the quality and aid the development of academic publishing in Algeria in accordance with international standards;

  • Enhancing the visibility and usage of national academic journals worldwide;

  • Ensuring the implementation of the Open Journal System (OJS) efficiently.

The Lab-NuPABS Publisher Project, intends to provide service at national level, is expected to evolve into a sound infrastructure to meet various requirements in this field in a short time.

Journal Managers will not have to think over which software to use, from where to get the hosting service, and how to get the backup; they will have the infrastructure they need by joining OJS/PKP.

Journal Managers will be able to administer every step of the publishing procedure from submission of articles till the publication of the issue, in electronic environment, and thus will realize the publication of the journal in the web. Education on the use of the system and related documents will also be provided by Lab-NuPABS Publisher.



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